Voice Your Invisible Wounds Conference Unlock Your Voice City Tour

Meet Brand Ambassador Michel’le Toussant

Michel’le Toussant, a very well-known singer and a songwriter by her profession. She is mostly involved in her field and excelled in the R&B genre of music and is really adored by the youth and music lovers of this kind of music.She is most popularly known for songs like No More Lies and Something In My Heart, which are also successful in getting on the Billboard Top 10 list as hits.This celebrity with incredible height and figure has a unique childlike voice, which she has carried off like her signature.Michel’le was born in California, this artist has evidently found what she can do best and has rightly chosen the profession that helped her to discover the real talent she had.

Alissa R. Jones who through her hurtful past created this platform to assist and educate victims on how to become victors in spite of what happened to them. She proudly advocates for using your voice to surpass all of the harshities life throws and warmly welcomes survivors from any and all kinds of tragedies. Life is always in the details and it's usually the little things that we often overlook. Many things can be stripped from you after a disaster but no matter what you go through, you will always have the power to speak up for yourself and speak out against remaining a victim. Your voice, whether you write it, or, say it, it is your way to healing yourself and helping others heal. When you talk about your survival after tragedy, you incite the desire to live and not die, and that’s exactly what this City Tour will promote Survivors to do.

You Survived the physical abuse, the emotional abuse,the illness, the depression, the suicidal thoughts....Now it's time to Unlock Your Voice to begin to heal from the Inside out and encourage the Next Survivor going through...

Discover how to stand "ON" your Story and not "IN" your Story.Turn your Pain into Power at the Voice Your Invisible Wounds Conference.



A survivor is defined as a person who has remained alive while others have died from the same event. Simply put, we made it and we are still here! Some people experience what we've gone through and have died internally. Death isn't always in the absence of a heartbeat; sometimes it's in the absence of strength and determination. Many survivors held on to see another day and have decided to take that experience and use it to change the world rather than let the world change them.

Most times we come out empty. Coming from under the stones that tried to bury us may lead us to think that we're empty and when we take another look around, everyone and everything is missing. It's easy to feel like life is over and you'll never return to normal but the truth is you can and you will. All you need to do is use the very thing that serves as a platform everywhere you go, your voice!

Discover the impact of living with your voice locked up inside you and how to unlock your voice.

This conference will provide tools, heartfelt survivor testimonies and support to help you change your mindset to move beyond the pain of your past but more importantly empower the next survivor.

"Your Past is someone's Present"


Mending the matters of a Survivors heart.

Alissa R. Jones knows firsthand of the many challenges those whom encountered sexual abuse face. Having her innocence violated at the tender age of 11. As the pain of the past attempted to place an emotional crutch on Alissa's life, she made the conscious decision to triumph over this life hurdle and began to advocate on behalf of others who were silently suffering from their wounds.Women effected by the atrocities of abuse. Rather physical, mental or emotional led Alissa to be more vocal in her community. And from that, SWV "Survivors with Voices" was forged. A non-profit organization which caters to the needs of survivors.A woman who walks the talk by teaching others the practical life skills she adapted into her own healing. Yes, she is truly the Survivor Inspiration teaching those whom are willing to learn how to apply these life changing principles and free themselves to move on. Her assignment is to teach you how to identify the box you’ve been placed in, how to get out of it, & how to train your mind, heart, soul and spirit to be your greatest ally in living instead of just existing.

Michel’le had been dating Dr. Dre as her boyfriend. But the relationship didn’t go on well even though they have a son.The relationship had to be forbidden because Michel’le went on stating publically that Dr. Dre had been abusing her physically and that went on to the extent that he even broke her nose and ribs. She recently aired her TRUTH on Lifetime with her Biopic "Survivng Compton". With this level of violence and trauma going on around, Michel’le might have had no option rather than to leave the man she once loved so dearly. We can say that Michel’le has had ups and downs in her life for so many reasons. With one reason being to use her darkest moments to impact the lives of many survivors across the world partnering with Alissa R. Jones of Survivors with Voices Foundation.